• Do you make keys? .... You wouldn't think, after seeing a wall full of key blanks, that people would ask such a silly question.  But they do.  The answer, of course, is YES.  We can make keys for just about anything!  And rather than wasting time and money running all over town, come see us.

  • What if my key is broken? .... Bring in the pieces.  Or we can get them out, if they're still in the lock.  We can still make you a new key.
  • What if I lost my keys or they were stolen? .... In either case, we can help.  We can make new keys for you.  Or, if necessary, rekey existing locks so that whoever has your keys won't be able to use them.
  • Rekey? What does that mean? .... We can change the tumblers inside the lock to match a new key so the old key won't work anymore.
  • Do you make keys with a chip in them? .... Yes we do.  And we can do so for a fraction of what you will pay at a dealership.  For more info click here.

Can you make a key from the serial number (VIN) of my car? .... No, but we can make one the old fashion way.  We come to your car, no towing involved.  Besides if it was that easy, someone could walk by your car, write down the numbers and come back with a key and take your car.

Do you make motorcycle keys?  .... Yes, we do.  Even the round "barrel" keys for Harley-Davidsons.  Pricing and availability vary. We stock over 50 different blanks for motorcycles, but there is a chance we might have to order one from time to time.





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